Be Your Own Marketing Agency 


This course will teach you how to create a marketing strategy that is customized to your amazing business, as well as set it up on the back end for the most effective and efficient results. With weekly office hours and a rockstar community, this won't just be another course that never gets opened! You will get support, accountability and the confidence to execute your marketing + grow your business. Marketing does not have to be frustrating or overwhelming anymore! 


The Official Marketing Course for Small Business Owners + Entrepreneurs 


When I talk to small business owners, these are the top things that they share with me:

1. They're frustrated because they're not sure how to execute an effective marketing strategy-

so they're not getting any results 

 2. They don't have the time to learn how to do marketing tasks & implement them-

they're overwhelmed with all the different tools, platforms and software available

3. They'd LOVE to hire someone, but they don't have the budget just yet-

so they're either not doing it at all or they're not doing if effectively


Do you ever feel this way? It is the exact reason this course was created! 

*We also offer monthly 1:1 marketing + business coaching for entrepreneurs who would like more support, guidance and accountability*

Learn how to successfully market your business in less than 1 hour a day! 

Let's Go!

I'm Nicole Bernard

I have 17+ years of experience in marketing as both a small business owner and consultant at digital marketing agencies. In speaking with small business owners, I've discovered that most don't have the budget to hire someone, but also are not sure how to start effectively marketing their business (talk about a rock and a hard place!). That's the exact reason this course was created!

It is everything that I have learned and tested over the last 17+ years. It's knowledge from both sides! In addition to running my businesses, I've also worked with major corporations like Microsoft and celebrities like Venus Williams. My mission is to help small business owners ditch the marketing overwhelm and master their marketing! 🥳 You can be your own marketing agency in less than 1 hour a day!



"This is excellent content. It is written in such a way that explains each topic, but it's understandable. I want the process! I want to take what I've just learned and start implementing it! "

- Doug B.

"I love how your message of simplicity is at the core. There is so much information out there so I feel the way you are presenting this (as simplistic and a step-by-step process) can help someone, like me, have less stress in creating a marketing plan for their biz!"

- Cassia R.

"From Nicole's talent far exceeded our expectations. Her work in social media, content, blogging and analytics has been invaluable to us. Her work ethic is superb and our business growth has skyrocketed since we have partnered with Nicole." 

- Christina R.

You Can Create + Execute Your Marketing Like An Agency 

In 6 weeks (or less) you will learn how to create your unique marketing strategy, best digital marketing practices and how to get effective results in less than 1 hour of marketing a day! You will also get support, accountability and confidence with weekly office hours and membership in the Bubbles & Biz Community!

Get Started!

Be Your Own Marketing Agency


Here's What You Get:

  • 6 weeks of videos (3-5/week) that are 10 minutes or less and teach you how to execute your marketing like an agency
  • Corresponding worksheets + workbooks to use with the videos to build your strategy, map out your tasks and start seeing results!
  • Bonus content (how to use ChatGPT, how to start your own podcast and more!) 
  • A weekly office hour to ask questions, share wins, conquer challenges and everything in between! (Maybe we'll make one a happy hour every once in a while!)
  • Lifetime membership to the Bubbles & Biz Community + a supportive Facebook group of amazing business owners!
  • There are payment options, but if you pay in full, you will get a 30 minute laser coaching session with Nicole!

Monthly Marketing + Business Coaching


Here's What You Get:

  • Everything included in Be Your Own Marketing Agency 👈
  • 2 Zoom calls per month with Nicole to dive deeper into BYOA and other areas of your business so you (and/or your team) can stay accountable, learn marketing + business best practices and get the support you need to successfully market and grow your business!
  • Unlimited email access to Nicole during business hours Monday - Friday 
  • Quarterly Mastermind with other entrepreneurs who are in the coaching program
  • There is no minimum commitment, you will lock in the BF rate as long as you are coached, cancel at any time!

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